Sperry shade sails awnings provide the protection you need from the elements so you can enjoy your outdoor space.

Custom Sail Shade Awnings

Our awning designs are immediately recognizable for their artistic silhouettes and high-quality construction. Designed to withstand coastal winds and harsh environments, they are elegant in look but durable in execution.

Awnings, sometimes called shade sails or sail shades, enhance private residences as well as commercial properties like office buildings (for employee hangout areas), apartment complexes, university campuses, nonprofit buildings, restaurants, cafés, and more.

Tension Awnings

A signature Sperry tension awning evokes the look of a sail but is tensioned tightly in place with turnbuckles and cables. As a rule, our designs employ anchors of varying levels, creating a recognizable twist in the fabric. This twist is multifunctional: it assists in shedding water and adds interest and artistry to the appearance. It also provides dependable, flap-free stability in high-wind situations.

An anchor is typically a freestanding column, which can be aluminum or steel but is more often laminated, tapered, and varnished wood (mahogany, fir, pine, reclaimed lumber, etc.). Our columns are meant to be sculptural, adding interest to instead of detracting from your landscape’s natural beauty. On residential builds, we design all columns to be easily removed for the off-season.

Depending on the size of the outdoor living space being shaded, tension awning shapes typically range from three corners up to six. There are instances when we recommend two or more overlapping awnings for additional weather protection and an intriguing landscape showpiece. Engineered to last for years, our installs include marine-quality rigging, hand-welded metal parts, concrete footings, and sun-resistant fabrics.

Frame Awnings

Frame awnings are generally installed over decks and patios and deliver more fabric coverage than a twisting tension awning. They can be fully enclosed via sidewalls in some cases. For this reason, frame awnings are requested by restaurants for outdoor dining, venues for ticketing/queuing, and by homeowners wanting maximum weather protection. Generally, these awning types feature a wood frame, as wood is easily customizable and more aesthetically pleasing than prefabricated metal.


To ensure our designs are practical in use, we use a computer program to generate shade studies. These studies show us and our clients where an awning will cast shade at different times of day and in the changing months.


There are lots of different awning systems out there, but a Sperry awning is a cut above. Prices start at $7,000 and are reflective of our always custom, never off-the-shelf approach.


After a couple years in the sun, your awning will need attention. We can sand and re-varnish the wood and wash, check, and repair the fabric.

Let's chat about how a custom fabric structure can benefit your space.