Sperry tent

Our products are designed to fit very particular specifications and, as a result, are truly one-of-a-kind. Whether it’s an awning for a coastal home or a canopy for a downtown restaurant, each creation is united by a common goal: deliver practical comfort in an architecturally pleasing package.

Your vision. Our capabilities.


Our signature shade sails offer shade protection but are also eye-catching, evoking the look of a tensioned sail. Each awning is a work of art that embodies the centuries-old trade of sailmaking and employs the strength of marine rigging.

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Custom Canopies

Ranging in size, shape, and material, Sperry custom canopies are designed to complement a specific space. They provide shade and rain protection for various activities—dining, queuing, special events, etc.—while adding to a setting’s visual appeal.

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Event Structures

In 2008, we set out to apply our craftsmanship and superior design aesthetic to a clear-span tent design. The resulting structures are revolutionizing industry expectations and elevating our clients’ wedding and event packages.

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Glamping Tents

Equal parts elegant and earthy, our new Tin Tent is light, bright, spacious, and decidedly Sperry in style. It’s ideal for rustic glamping destinations, festival-style wedding setups, or even backyard entertaining at private residences.

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Sperry Arches

It’s hard to resist the charm of our Sperry Arch, comprised of an elegant wood frame and handsewn canopy. This structure is extremely versatile and can be installed as a standalone canopy or partnered with a larger tent as a standout entrance.

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Beach Cabanas

Luxury hotels and award-winning resorts looking to revamp their poolscapes trust us with their beach cabana construction. We use only the highest-quality materials to deliver Instagram-worthy cabanas capable of withstanding harsh marine elements.

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Special Projects

Sometimes clients approach us with a clever idea, something that requires a fully custom approach. From fabric dressing rooms to mesh projection screens to metal backsplashes, our craftspeople are adept at handling off-the-beaten-path requests.

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