Beach Cabanas

Calling all luxury resorts, hotels, and spas: our high-end, built-from-scratch beach cabanas are designed to wow VIP guests while withstanding coastal environments.

Applying the craftsmanship capabilities of our wood, metal, and fabric shops, we can create traditional New England-style cabanas with post-and-beam frames and handsewn canopies punctuated by elegant peaks. Or we can go in a more modern direction with a metal frame and flat top—whatever suits your existing architecture and vision. 

 To date, we have executed cabana canopies for the pool and spa facilities at iconic Chatham Bars Inn on Cape Cod. Working with the resort’s existing 10 x 10 ft. aluminum frames, we executed detailed striped canopies with valences, liners, sidewalls, and zippered sleeves. 

We also designed and built a string of custom cabanas for Wequassett Resort and Golf Club’s popular poolscape, also on Cape Cod. Anchored by solid wood timber frames, the resort’s new Sperry cabanas match its luxe surroundings and are elegant inside and out.

Let's chat about how a custom fabric structure can benefit your space.