Special Projects

If a project can be imagined, we will entertain the idea of building it and making it work for practical applications.

Because of our fabric, wood, and metal capabilities, we are often approached to realize special projects that don’t fall into prearranged categories. At Sperry Fabric Architecture, sewing professionals, skilled woodworkers, and seasoned welders work collaboratively towards a singular goal: inspired design. Any project we undertake benefits from our crew’s artistic eye, installation experience, and attention to detail.

Past special projects include:

  • Fabric-lined dressing rooms 
  • Large “Sperry” dome for European music festivals
  • Ceiling installation at Mass MoCA
  • Fabric art installation at Parson School of Design
  • Portable solar canopies
  • Trusses + operable louvered doors for pool area
  • Music hall projection screen

Let's chat about how a custom fabric structure can benefit your space.