Client: Groton Hill Music Center
Location: Groton, MA
Use: Music Performance
Fabric: Rosebrand Mesh
Size: 50’ x 60’ Screen

Fabricating this custom mesh screen, designed to create a multi-sensory experience during live concerts, for the impressive Groton Hill Music Center was complicated, to say the least, with major steps spread out over two years. We used Rosebrand mesh selected by the project’s architecture firm, Epstein Joslin Architects Inc. First, we laser measured onsite, drew it in CAD, spread out a webbing grid of two-inch nylon on the loft floor, and tacked it all together as one unit. Then, we hung it onsite with precisely located ratchets and applied tension to the web, marking where fabric would go and taking into consideration stretch and movement. Back at the shop, we cut fabric panels, sewed them to the webbing, and sewed another layer of webbing on the back side. Lastly, we took it back down for a very careful install onsite.

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