Custom Canopies

A custom canopy from Sperry is designed to enhance a specific outdoor space while providing sun, wind, and rain protection.

Masterful canopies for maximum comfort.

Not unlike tents, a custom canopy provides more structure than awnings, which are typically employed for shade. Clients who prefer more extensive weather protection – particularly from wind, windblown rain, or bugs – opt for a canopy and a series of side walls and/or screens to envelop the entire outdoor space. The dual goals of a Sperry custom canopy is to complement, if not enhance, the existing aesthetic of your outdoor oasis while prioritizing comfort while it’s in use. 

 Our Sperry custom canopies range in size and material depending on the application and are very much a reaction to our clients’ specific needs, whether it’s ensuring comfortable dining for guests or coverage for an outdoor bar or a welcoming entry for an upscale golf club. The ultimate look is driven by the setting’s existing architecture, we can lean more formal and symmetrical or ramp up the artistry with some asymmetry achieved by shifting perimeters. In the past, we’ve even accommodated existing trees and branches with clever cutouts.

Often, installed canopies are supported by a center pole. If a pole isn’t possible or desired, we can suspend the peak from nearby structures using wire. Myriad fabric options are available; full branding with specific colors and logos for commercial awnings is possible. 

 Larger custom canopies are fully engineered to withstand harsh environments and the potential for winter snow loads. Some designs, depending on whether they connect to a building, involve navigating local building codes. We are experienced collaborating with architects and landscape architects, working to their specs while bringing our own design and install experience to the table. 

 Never off a shelf, always custom designed and constructed, our canopies elevate any outdoor experience. Currently, they grace private homes as well as restaurants, golf courses, resorts, shopping centers, attractions, and event venues throughout the U.S. and international destinations.

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