About Sperry Fabric Architecture design

About Sperry Fabric Architecture


For more than thirty years, Sperry Sails has been a small business dedicated to creating elegant and practical products. Devoted to the satisfaction of our customers and the integrity of our work, we have happily served the residents of Marion, Massachusetts and the surrounding areas. Sperry Sails now exists in two locations; originally deemed “by land” and “by sea”, the division was a natural and exciting step forward. Sperry Fabric Architecture has not stepped away from Sperry Sails proper, but rather we have moved to stand beside our sailmaking counterpart. Both divisions strive for excellence in product and customer service, while complementing customer invention with practicality and sound construction.

Our family-run business believes that “local is better,” and we continually reaffirm this belief by employing local craftsmen, patronizing area businesses, and supporting community organizations whenever possible. We also feel strongly about protecting our environment. Promoting sustainability and a healthy environment impacts the way our business runs on a daily basis.


The Barn at 15 Dexter Lane, Rochester, MA

About Rochester

This two story building houses both Sperry Fabric Architecture and Sperry Tents. The second floor is home to the production and office space of Sperry Fabric Architecture, as well as the offices of Sperry Tents. The ground floor acts as warehouse storage for the rental equipment of Sperry Tents. Come in and check out our new space - you may just be inspired to have us build something for you.

The Loft at 11 Marconi Lane, Marion, MA


The loft is the workspace for all things nautical. Here Ben Sperry and his crew design and build custom sails of all types and sizes. Ben loves to talk sailing, so head in to the loft and discuss your ideas with him. He would love to outfit your vessel with new sails or canvas. Or, if you just need your current set-up brought back to life, they can repair whatever you need.