Customers and reviews

Customers & Reviews

Bowen's Welcome
Bowen's Wharf Welcome Center

"Bowen's Wharf Co. decided in 1994 to develop a specific image for special events on the wharf.  Sperry Sails has been instrumental in creating this image from the beginning with their custom designed and beautifully executed tents and canopies. 

Most recently they helped us design and build our new Welcome Center on America's Cup Ave which has received rave reviews from all concerned.  Their service and support for our festival tents which now number seven, has been superb! They are the best!"

- Bart Dunbar, Bowen's Wharf

Diego's Outdoor Dining Canopy

"Sperry Sails designed the perfect custom tent for our unique patio space and were able to work the existing tree into the inside of the tent, giving our patio a very distinct charm.  We won best outdoor dining space in Newport last year and guests constantly comment on the tent.  Thanks again guys!"

- Scott Kirmil, Diego’s Restaurant, Newport, RI

Skylighted Patio Canpopy

"I love my awning! It is magical, beautiful, and is like having a new room in our home.  I am a lover of light and didn't want to lose it by adding an awning close to the windows.  My awning has its own huge picture windows.  In fact, when you are in our home you have no idea what awaits you as you step out onto our terrace.  The terrace faces north and is shaded by the house so now I can see the beautiful sky through the awning itself.  It is light and airy, and feels like a party when you sit under it.  Add protection from the elements and you have perfection!  Thank you, Matt!  We love it!"

-Mary Jo Chapoton, Fisher’s Island, NY

Custom Tension Awning

"We are so happy with our new awning.  It is dynamite.  Incredible.  Nautical, handsome, unique and special.  BRAVO to all involved.  I cannot tell you the pride Margie and I take in showing it off!!!"

-Michael Baldwin, Marion, MA

Customized to Each Setting

“Matt Sperry’s experience in sailing has evolved into a unique, thoughtful and beautiful combination of being under the mast of a sail boat and, ultimately blends into the architecture and landscape of a home.  Customized to each setting, the result of his work, especially when illuminated at night, creates a dramatic and warm envelope to expand ones’ nighttime enjoyment.  He is a true artist.”

-Greg Yale, Landscape Lighting Designer, Southampton, NY

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